TAMED Wolverine MC (book 2) - Alexi Ferreira

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TAMED  Wolverine MC (book 2) - Alexi Ferreira

TAMED Wolverine MC (book 2) - Alexi Ferreira
epub | 217.75 KB | English | Isbn:B08H5D4ZZ3 |Author: Alexi Ferreira | Page: 217 | Year: 2020



Stubborn woman, why is it that I get the mate that doesnt listen? The moment I saw her I knew she was mine, now I must just convince her. Everytime I turn she is there, when will she understand that she's in danger? It's time to stop being lenient, Onix will realize that I am not going to let anyone hurt her, she is mine and it's time she understands that.


If he thinks he is going to tell me what to do he has another thing coming, I cant just sit around and do nothing, I will let him think he has tamed me, for now. He will realize that I am his equal and not a woman that follows his every command.

Category:Werewolf & Shifter Romance, Paranormal Romance

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