The Cursed Witch - Chandelle LaVaun

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The Cursed Witch - Chandelle LaVaun

The Cursed Witch - Chandelle LaVaun
epub | 860.33 KB | English | Isbn:B0829B3796 |Author: Chandelle LaVaun | Page: 460 | Year: 2020


What is magic? My name is Saraphina Proctor...and that's the only thing I can remember.
I woke up alone, surrounded by darkness with no memory. No one here knows who I am, I don't fit any of the missing persons reports, and the doctors can't find a single thing wrong with life.they're just.gone.
But something lurks in the shadows in Salem, watching me.waiting. I feel its eyes on my back and my name whispered in the wind. Even in the light of day the friendly smiles around town put me on edge.
Someone isn't telling me the truth but I will find out what happened to me.and I think Riah knows more than his pretty mouth is telling me. There's a story in those golden eyes of his, now I just need to get close enough to him to find out.
*Disclaimer: Fae Magic is Season Three in The Coven Series. It can be read as a standalone but is best to be read after Season One - Elemental Magic and Season Two Academy Magic.

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