Robert Sheckley Alien Harvest

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Robert Sheckley Alien Harvest

Robert Sheckley Alien Harvest
pdf | 307.22 KB | English | Isbn:B01F2Z2CTY |Author: David Bischoff | Page: 120 | Year: 2016


The alien queen is dead, the hive mind left to flounder, and on a world bereft of its leader two strains of Alien divide their forces for world-shattering war. On Earth, in the wake of alien infestation, athletes are flocking to humanity's Goodwill Games. But some come with a deadly new tool: a drug called Fire, distilled from the very essence of the Aliens' body chemistry... Contains Genocide by David Bischoff and Alien Harvest by Robert Sheckley.

Category:Fantasy TV, Movie & Game Tie-In, Science Fiction Short Stories, Movie Tie-In Fiction

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