F'ck It - Lists of Sh!t I'm Not Doing Anymore

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F'ck It - Lists of Sh!t I'm Not Doing Anymore

F'ck It - Lists of Sh!t I'm Not Doing Anymore
pdf | 6.71 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09315XQ9M | Author: Danner, Ann | Year: 2021


Are you bold enough to pick up a book (that at first seems irreverent) and use it to take your life to a new level?

This book is about looking at your life a little deeper. It's about accepting the challenge to thoughtfully and carefully follow through on your proclamations of "F*ck It!" to those things that detract from your potential.

Use it as a tool to clear out the burdens and hurdles that are preventing you from moving forward into a life that is your own wondrous creation. Use it as a fun imagination exercise in identifying and getting rid of the stuff that you're just tired of doing, the stuff that doesn't make sense, seems stupid to do, or simply annoys you. Even better, use it as both: have fun imagining your life with no irritants, then identify the ones you really want to eliminate and kick them to the proverbial curb!

F*ck It: Lists of Sh!t I'm Not Doing Anymore offers you a wicked-fun path to making yourself stronger, more empowered and happier.


"Such a fantastically fun way to learn how to say 'F*ck It!' to what no longer serves you in your life and figure out how to move the F*ck on! I'm looking forward to more from Ann Danner!"
D. D. Scott
International Bestselling Author


Ann Danner has been a Naval Officer, a career federal employee, an entrepreneur, business owner and dog trainer. After graduating from Emory University, she began her career as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the Washington, D.C. area where she spent the next 20 years in various military and civilian federal positions and completed a Master's Degree in National Security Studies at Georgetown University before finishing her federal career in Florida. She currently has a dog training certification, trains pet dogs and service dogs, and their parents, and is the founder and owner of Dogmatics, LLC.

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