Broken Doll Queens of Chaos 3 - L J Findlay

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Broken Doll  Queens of Chaos 3 - L J  Findlay

Broken Doll Queens of Chaos 3 - L J Findlay
epub | 1.12 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0968XLCH5 | Author: L.J. Findlay | Year: 2021


Blaise had always dreamed of freedom but he had never thought for a moment it would end up like this. He had planned to escape. He had planned to escape alone. He had planned to mastermind his escape.

But the die had been cast and there was no going back to their gilded cages now.

For better or for worse.

Xanthe had managed to break free of the doll's house to pursue the reckless desire which bound both her and Blaise.

Free to explore and grow their relationship but The Club and Xander would stop at nothing to lock them back up. To punish them for their daring defection.

It was kill or be killed.

Category:Contemporary Women's Fiction, Women's Romance Fiction, Contemporary Women Fiction

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