After the Sun by Jonas Eika

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After the Sun by Jonas Eika

After the Sun by Jonas Eika
epub | 1.08 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 0593329104 | Author: Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg, Jonas Eika | Year: 2021


From a major new international voice, mesmerizing, inventive fiction that probes the tender places where human longings push through the cracks of a breaking world
Under Cancún's hard blue sky, a beach boy provides a canvas for tourists desires, seeing deep into the worlds underbelly. An enigmatic encounter in Copenhagen takes an IT consultant down a rabbit hole of speculation that proves more seductive than sex. The collapse of a love triangle in London leads to a dangerous, hypnotic addiction. In the Nevada desert, a grieving man tries to merge with an unearthly machine.
After the Sun opens portals to our newest realities, haunting the margins of a globalized world thats both saturated with yearning and brutally transactional. Infused with an irrepressible urgency, Eikas fiction seems to have conjured these far-flung characters and their encounters in a single breath. Juxtaposing startling beauty with grotesquery, balancing the hyperrealistic with the fantastical as though the worlds he describes are being viewed through an ultraviolet filter, in one Danish reviewers words he has invented new modes of storytelling for an era when the old ones no longer suffice.
'Striking literary craftsmanship in an experimental mix of shock-lit, sci-fi, dada and Joycean glints presented as loose time scenes that slide in and out like cards in the hands of the shuffler. By the end, this reader had the impression of having been drawn through a keyhole'-Annie Proulx

Category:Literary Short Stories, Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction

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