Patriot A Kings of Justice MC - Maya R Stone

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Patriot A Kings of Justice MC - Maya R Stone

Patriot A Kings of Justice MC - Maya R Stone
epub | 322.44 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09B5CWF1G | Author: Maya R. Stone | Year: 2021


She will have to face her fears and insecurities to get the life she wants. He will have to fight for her trust and love.
Colt Harris, road name Patriot, is the vice president of the Kings of Justice MC of Sacramento. A sexy and charming widower with a small son. He has dedicated his life to the Army, his child, and his bikers brothers.
He's not looking for an old lady; his beloved wife died five years ago. But he's not closed to new experiences in love and sex. So, when he met his primary teacher's son, the sweet, kind, and so hot Kelly Reeves, he felt an instant connection. He wants to date her, kiss her, take her to his bed. The curvy and greened eye female becomes his new obsession.
He wants to allow himself to know and enjoy her. Life is short, and he knows how fast happiness can disappear.
She came to Sacramento to take distance from her demanding brothers and father, who think she cannot live on her own. She wants to show them (and herself); she is strong and independent.
She never thought she would find such a handsome man in her path. Colt... He is gorgeous and fun, strong and charismatic. But he is a biker. Surely he isn't the right one for her, is he? A date could confirm it. What could be wrong?
Well, spit to the universe isn't wise, of course. Her new life will go to hell, and soon she will be inside a world she doesn't understand. His MC, the Brotherhood as he calls it, is overwhelming. Huge, bearded, and heavily tattooed bikers, booze, sweet-butts. Plus, enemies, violence.
As much as she wants Patriot, danger and trouble surround him. Can she trust him? Will he protect her? Or will he break her heart into pieces?

Category:Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Military Romance, Military Romance

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