Hells Angel Dark Desires Book - M L Mountford

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Hells Angel Dark Desires Book - M L Mountford

Hells Angel Dark Desires Book - M L Mountford
epub | 329.62 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B095J7RDYH | Author: M.L. Mountford | Year: 2021


Will love conquer all when Heaven and Hell collide?

Tess has answers about the power she holds-an ancient power, one thought lost forever. However, that power comes with even more questions. Tess must learn to control and harness her new abilities, as well as discover the truth about her father.

Lucifer is painfully aware that everything is far from resolved. Tess is in more danger than ever before and he needs answers in order to keep her safe.

Tess is a threat to everything. Her existence threatens a balance that has been in place since the beginning of time. A powerful entity has decided he can't risk her existence being known and will do anything to keep her a secret. even if that means he has to kill his only daughter.

Hell's Angel is Book 3 in the Dark Desires series.

Category:Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

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