Autumn Cuddles and Muddy Puddle - Beth Rain

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Autumn Cuddles and Muddy Puddle - Beth Rain

Autumn Cuddles and Muddy Puddle - Beth Rain
epub | 234.13 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08SLBPMB4 | Author: Beth Rain | Year: 2021


Amber Reid loves her life exactly how it is, thank you very much...

She's got some great friends.
Her work is way more exciting than anyone could imagine.
and this new opportunity to grow a lasting legacy at Bamton Hall is her commission of dreams.

The only spanner in the works is Bamton Hall's buttoned-up new estate manager. But if he thinks he's going to stand between her and her dreams, he's got another thing coming!

William Jones wouldn't admit it to anyone, but after being made redundant from his "job-for-life", he's hopelessly lost - and the fact that his dad's old friend Horace has swooped in to save the day makes him feel like a five-year old. Still.

It's only temporary.
He just has to prove himself.
and all he's got to worry about now is keeping this exasperating woman with her armfuls of willow from getting under his skin.

Amber doesn't need some random guy turning her perfect world on its head. Will knows keeping his cool would be much easier to do if he wasn't being poked in the eye with bits of willow every time he turned around!

One thing's for sure, with these two working together, it's not just the leaves that are going to be colourful in Little Bamton this Autumn!

A cosy Autumn read full of fun, romance and laughter! For fans of Holly Martin, Darcie Boleyn and TA Williams.

Autumn Cuddles and Muddy Puddles is the fourth standalone novella in the Little Bamton series

Category:General Humorous Fiction, Humorous Fiction, Romantic Comedy

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