The Path by Peter Riva

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The Path by Peter Riva

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This "thrilling . . . mind-bending" novel tells of future America where adangerous new intelligence threatens the very survival of humanity(
Life is good in the New Republic of America. In fact, it's perfect. Thanks toa supercomputer known as the System that controls everything from the weatherto the production of food, everyone's basic needs are met. Too bad Simon Banksis about to break everything.
Banks is a brilliant codifier whose job is to design glitches in a virtualduplicate of the System. But when glitches appear in the real System, Banksuncovers a hidden intelligence that threatens the course of humanity. Moreterrifying is the realization that everything he knows to be true is actuallya lie.
Banks finds himself in the preposterous position of saving the world. Andfrankly, even with the help of some friends, his chances are slim.
"For people who love pure Sci-Fi, this book is a treat." -- Book and Ink

Reading Peter Riva's science fiction novel The Path (Book 1 of the TAGseries) felt like diving into a world entirely different from our own yet soimmersive that upon returning to the surface we call "reality", I had to openmy window to catch some fresh air (more like "chilling winds") as I reflectedon the novel's mind-bending concepts and thought-provoking investigationsabout humans, machines, and the things that set them apart. The Path is likethe virtual Heart of Darkness minus the "darkness" or a potent potion thatsome might not dare to consume, but its effects are tantalizing.
The Path is a remarkable experience that brings us to an alien but realisticworld, a fascinating exploration of the human mind, its psychological aspects,and the possibility of humanizing machines through assimilation.
I've wrapped my mind around this question: Is humanizing an A.I. trulypossible? But I think the more important question is: Is the possibility oflosing our human qualities that make us human --flaws, emotions, the tendencyto learn from mistakes and choose our own paths instead of processing datathrough the machines' analogue ways -- more dangerous than machinesoutsmarting humans? Discover The Path that Riva has paved, and you mightfind an answer. - Jake Vyper,
"Thrilling.. . . This cyberpunk world has its own laws of stretching brainswide with its mind-bending concepts." --Jake Vyper,
."I loved it. A Must Read!" --
NRC Books Blogspot " _
Warning: This bookshould be read with an Aspirin to help alleviate thebrainpressure caused by the concepts related to the existence of human lifeandthe universe as we don't know it. _"-- IT Revolution
"For people who lovepure Sci-Fi, this book is a treat." - Book and Ink

About the Author

Peter Riva has worked for more than thirty years with the leaders inaerospace and space exploration. His daytime job for more than forty years hasbeen as a literary agent. He resides in New York City.

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