A Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas

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A Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas

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A heart-stopping mother's story of love and loss, and a riveting drama thatlets us inside the secret world of therapist and patient.
Ruth Hartland is the director of a trauma therapy unit in London. A psychotherapist with twenty years of experience, she is highly respected in her field. But her family life tells another story: her marriage has fractured and her grown daughter, Caroline, has moved far away to Australia. Most devastatingly, Caroline's twin brother, Tom, has disappeared and has had no contact with anyone for two years. Ruth's fragile son has always been sensitive and anxious, the opposite of his cheerful and resilient sister. She cannot give up hope of finding him, but feels she is living a kind of half-life, waiting for him to return.
Then Ruth is assigned a new patient, a young man who bears a strikingresemblance to Tom. Ruth is determined to help Dan, but her own complicatedfeelings and family history cloud her judgement--and professional boundaries,once inviolable, are transgressed. When events spiral out of control, Ruthmust confront the unthinkable and reckon with those who truly matter in herlife.
Deeply insightful, with riveting twists and turns, A Good Enough Motheris a brilliant and heartfelt exploration of the responsibilities andlimitations of motherhood.

"A suspenseful and emotionally stirring debut. . . . Thomas's focus onsociety's expectations of mothers as well as the pressure they put onthemselves will resonate. Ruth's fierce love for Tom gives the narrative itsbeating heart." -- Kirkus Reviews
"Taut, absorbing and psychologically astute, in A Good Enough Mother BevThomas combines all the tension of a thriller with the emotional resonance ofa powerful family drama." -- Paula Hawkins , bestselling author of TheGirl on the Train
" A Good Enough Mother is not just everything a great thriller should be--haunting, emotional, charged with depth and power--it is also a gorgeous anddevastating examination of motherhood that cuts right to the heart." --Aimee Molloy , New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Mother
"A gripping novel of what happens when unexpected loss breaks open theboundaries of a carefully constructed life, blurring perspectives and upendingthe best of intentions. This powerful story of love, loss--and ultimately,healing--will resonate with everyone who has ever loved a child." -- KimEdwards , #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Keeper 'sDaughter
"A fine novel. . . . A Good Enough Mother is raw and enthralling, with astrong emotional ache at its center. " --Hilma Wolitzer, author of AnAvailable Man
" A Good Enough Mother packs an emotional punch and is a gripping, originalread. It is a novel full of loss and longing and the complexities of humanrelationships. " -- Kate Hamer , author of The Girl in the Red Coat
" A Good Enough Mother is gorgeously written: It's both a riveting accountof what goes on behind the scenes at your therapist's office and a darkmeditation on motherhood, marriage and grief. I couldn't put it down." --Lisa Gabriele, author of The Winters

"A beautiful, compelling book about the hopes and terrors of motherhood.You'll stay up reading way too late, desperate to find out what happens next .. . and even when you manage to put the book down, Ruth's story will hauntyou." -- Gin Phillips , author of Fierce Kingdom

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