A Light in the Dark (Dark Stars, n 2) by A K DuBoff

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A Light in the Dark (Dark Stars, n  2) by A K DuBoff

Language: English | Format: epub | Size: 1.24 MB |

2018 Nebula finalist for the Andre Norton Award!
The real invasion is about to begin.
An alien fleet is coming. Elle and her friends are the Hegemony's best chancefor fighting back, but they'll need to head straight into enemy territory inorder to identify the Darkness' origin.
The Hegemony is out of time... and the war may already be lost before it evenstarts. The only chance for salvation is the mysterious shard of the MasterCrystal, supposedly capable of initiating a universal-scale reset. Except, noone knows what a reset of that magnitude might entail, or if it's possible.
Despite the risks, no step is too extreme in the frantic fight for survival.Elle and her friends must stop the insidious alien menace before every worldis consumed.
The Dark Stars space fantasy trilogy combines high-tech space opera sci-fiwith traditional fantasy magic, perfect for fans of Final Fantasy , KingdomHearts , and Xenosaga. Continue the adventure today!

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