Masters of Fate (Dark Stars, n 3) by A K DuBoff

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Masters of Fate (Dark Stars, n  3) by A K DuBoff

Language: English | Format: epub | Size: 1.23 MB |

A Space Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure
The final fight will change their perception forever.
Everything Elle Hartmut and her friends thought they knew about the alienmenace-and the nature of their universe-is wrong.
With mounting evidence that the aliens behind the Darkness reside on ahyperdimensional plane above spacetime, Elle and the Dark Sentinels will needa new approach to win. However, preventing the impending alien invasion willtest their team in ways they never imagined.
The ancient artifacts wielded by the Dark Sentinels may hold the key tovictory. If they can understand and master their true abilities, they maystill be able to save the Hegemony and their loved ones before the invasion'sfinal stage consumes them all.
The Dark Stars trilogy combines high-tech sci-fi with traditional fantasymagic, perfect for fans of Final Fantasy , Star Ocean , and Xenosaga.Join Elle in her final battle against the Darkness!

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