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BeerSmith is an efficient software utility that enables individuals to record their brewing sessions, aided by alarge number of options, such as ingredients, equipment and inventories. It can be especially useful to home or professional brewers.


Design Great Beer at Home
Design award winning beers with BeerSmith™ by matching the style and color of classic beers from around the world. Instantly search and access 10’s of thousands of recipes on within BeerSmith.

Fun Fast and Easy to Use
Years in the Making – BeerSmith 3 has been redesigned from the ground up to give it a modern look and feel with ribbons, themes and tabbed browsing. Its designed to make your brewing as easy to use as possible.

Mead, Wine and Cider Support
BeerSmith 3 now includes support for mead, wine and cider recipe types as well as new native support for fruit, juice and honey to make it easier than ever to build and track your favorite beverages in one tool.

New BeerSmith 3 Water Profile and Mash pH Calcs in the Recipe
BeerSmith 3 is the only software with integrated water profile builder and mash pH estimation and adjustment built right in the recipe builder for all grain brewers. This lets you see the direct impact of a bit of gypsum on your water profile. The mash pH tool takes into account your mash water additions, grain bill and also acid adjustments. Eliminates the need for a separate water tool or spreadsheet.

Build Recipes Quickly
Building a recipe in BeerSmith is as easy as picking ingredients off a list. Hundreds of preloaded ingredients are available including grains, hops, yeasts, misc ingredients and waters. As you add ingredients, the color, gravity and bitterness are updated automatically.

Match your Favorite Beer Styles
Choose from nearly 100 beer styles in our extensive BJCP style guide. The BJCP style guides for mead and cider as well as an extensive custom Wine style guide are also included. BeerSmith graphically shows color, bitterness, gravity and alcohol comparisons against the style as you build your recipe.

Brewing from Beginner to Expert
BeerSmith’s new design tab lets you design great extract recipes, and in fact we’ve added new Extract features in BeerSmith 3. However, we also have advanced support for all grain brewing, mashing, batch sparging, brew-in-a-bag and more. Additional tabs can display over 100 details about your recipe and brewing session.

Metric and International Language Support
BeerSmith’s 3 supports english, metric and imperial units and has improved support for foreign currencies and number formats. BeerSmith 3 has improved support for foreign languages and several volunteer teams working on foreign language versions of BeerSmith.

Improve your Brewing Experience
Generate step-by-step instructions for any recipe, customized to match your equipment and preferences

Generate Step-by-step Instructions
Click on the “Brew Steps” for any recipe, and BeerSmith will generate step-by-step instructions showing you how to brew that beer.

Organize and Share your Recipes
Organize your recipes and folders by dragging and dropping them. Keep a log of recipes you have brewed. Share recipes in a variety of formats including BeerSmith™ 3 and BeerSmith 2 formats. Download recipes from around the web.

New Fermentation and Carbonation Profiles
Just like our preloaded Mash profiles have taken the guesswork from mashing, BeerSmith 3 has extensive fermentation and carbonation profiles making it a cinch to select the right fermentation and carbonation for your beer by just picking from a list.

Go Shopping, Track Inventory
BeerSmith’s 3 has built in shopping list and inventory support. Add an entire recipe’s ingredients to your shopping list with a single button. Move items you purchased directly into inventory. When you brew you can remove the recipe ingredients from inventory.

Schedule Your Brewing
Schedule your sessions and mark upcoming events with our built-in calendar. Know when to start your beer and transfer it elsewhere.

Brew More and Worry Less
Plan your next brewing session with confidence, knowing you have already done your homework

Match your Equipment
Equipment plays a key role in brewing, and BeerSmith lets you customize your equipment profile from a set of preloaded samples.

Over a Dozen Calculators and Tools
BeerSmith has over a dozen standalone tools including the new yeast starter size calculator and a water profile tool that calculates your optimal water additions. We also have instant unit conversion built into the program throughout.

Expand BeerSmith 3 with Add-ons
BeerSmith’s 3 has an Add-on feature that lets you access our online recipe and ingredient database to download new ingredient packs for specific vendors as well as recipe packs containing dozens of recipes.

Software that Grows With You
BeerSmith’s 3 will continue to support you as your skills advance. Download recipes, add custom reports, discuss brewing and be a part of one of the largest online homebrewing communities. BeerSmith 3 includes more detail than ever on your recipes, sessions, and the ability to select from over 100 fields to show when designing beers. Many microbreweries and professional brewers have switched to BeerSmith.

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