Android Java Masterclass - Become an App Developer (updated 4/2019)

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Android Java Masterclass - Become an App Developer (updated 4/2019)
Android Java Masterclass Become an App Developer | 26.24GB

Starting is easy because no previous programming experience is needed. NONE! If you do have it, great. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your Android development skills, and that's fantastic too.

The course is presented using a combination of video, slides and diagrams, all designed to teach you everything you need to know.

This is what you'll learn in the course:

· Develop apps for the very latest version of Android 7 Nougat that also work on older Android devices running older versions of the Android operating system.

· Download, install and configure the necessary (free) software.

· Create your first app.

· Build a range of apps demonstrating key aspects of the Android framework.

· Test your apps on emulators or a real Android phone or tablet.

· You'll learn Java programming because Android app development requires knowledge of Java. Included are Java tutorial videos that will get you up to speed fast.

· Ensure your apps work with current and older Android versions on phones and tablets.

· Use Android studio 2.3, the newest version of Google's premier Android tool.

· Learn how to use databases, web services, and even get your apps to speak!

· Understand the all new Constraint layout, for "drag and drop" screen creation.

· Use powerful libraries of code to play videos, download website data, manipulate images, and a whole lot more!

What you'll learn
You're taught step by step HOW to build Android 7 apps for Google's Nougat platform that will work on older Android versions.
With each comprehensive step, the WHY you're doing it is explained.
You'll have EXPERT LEVEL knowledge of the Java programming language and know exactly how each process of Android Nougat development works.
The course is continually UPDATED, so you'll learn the very latest as Android Nougat evolves.
NEW CONTENT is always being added, and you're covered with full lifetime access to the course
SUPPORT is mind blowing - questions you have are answered that day.
The EXPERTISE to be an Android Nougat app developer as taught by the best.
The skills you'll learn are in HIGH DEMAND. You've learned to program like an expert. Go get that job!

Course content
Expand all 326 lectures
4 lectures
Downloading and Setup
9 lectures
Hello World Android app
11 lectures
The Button Counter app
26 lectures
Java Tutorials
19 lectures
Calculator App
18 lectures
Top 10 Downloaded App
27 lectures
YouTube App
15 lectures
Flickr App
41 lectures
Databases and the Friends App
99 lectures
The Fragment Lifecycle
11 lectures
Multiple Tables
40 lectures
Bonus Material
6 lectures




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