The eight Online influence & Persuasion Psychology triggers

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The eight Online influence & Persuasion Psychology  triggers

The eight Online influence & Persuasion Psychology triggers
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Neuromarketing and Psychology of Persuasion in Action with templates and examples

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Neuromarketing and Psychology of Persuasion in Action with templates and examples


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How to activate the Eight persuasion and influence triggers to win the minds and hearts of your followers and make them handle you their money without hesitation?

Before telling you the 8 psychological triggers and How to activate them plus showing you examples and templates that you can steal and start to persuade your audience in few minutes....

Let me tell you why persuasion now ...(especially online and on social media where everyone is faking it)... is completely different than few years ago.

While the art and science of persuasion have been of interest since the time of the Ancient Greeks, there are significant differences between how persuasion occurs today and how it has occurred in the past.

Internet changes the way of communication

Although we still humans and our psychology isn't different from the caveman's psychology but when it comes to persuasion ... It is now more hard and difficult to persuade anyone especially when most of the interactions are on social media and online where we can't shake hands or mirroring their expressions.

How Does Persuasion Differ Today especially in the internet and social media era?

1- Internet changes the way of communication ...words, videos , filters plus the instant gratification mentality (we can just order bigmac by a click of a button and no need to go away to the woods to hunt the big animals like the stone time .... Everything is as far as a click of a button)

2- Google, Youtube videos and search engines make people feel they can be experts in anything in just few mins.

3- Spam Radar are more sophisticated and more sensitive nowadays as people have experienced many regrets after buying

4- Copycats can steal all your efforts in less than microseconds that's why your products should be google-Proof (meaning customers only find your name when they google your product... I'll show you How in this course)

To grow your business into a persuasion you have to use the right words that trigger the desire to buy and use your product.

You have to understand the online psychology ... and behaviour of humans online.

So what will be covered in this course?

1- Persuade not manipulate .... How to ethically persuade your audience and make them loyal to you for ever so that they never go to your competitors?

2- Persuasion mindset check .... How to ensure that you are in the proper mindset to persuade and you really feel confident and proud.

3- A true persuasion story that will inspire you to apply the information in this course.

4- the 8 triggers that you need to activate plus how to activate each trigger and real time examples from one of the top influencers. (Persuasion and influence in Action).

5- Worksheet for every trigger to fill plus a social media schedule so that you start persuading and influencing immediately.

What are the 8 main Triggers for persuasion to activate (Reciprocity is not one, especially online)?

1- The first trigger is the Glory trigger ... When you activate this trigger, you may have a tribal social media following and your tribe will talk about you and your brand not only online by commenting and sharing your posts but everywhere.

2- The second trigger is what I call 'Can I?' Trigger ... Master the activation of this trigger and all the sound you'll hear is your PayPal receiving money notification sound ... Can I? Trigger activation is easier than you think ...

3- The Third trigger is the Uniqueness trigger ... Activation the uniqueness trigger is mandatory if you want people to buy from you not your competitors and to win the battle against the laziness.

4- The fourth trigger to persuade is the MARVEL trigger ... When you activate the Marvel trigger you have to have the precision of neurosurgeon.... Activate it right and you'll grantee the following and the interest of your audience... Activate it wrong and you guarantee your place in the spam folder ... so What is the Marvel trigger and how to precisely activate it? ... find inside the course.

5- The fifth trigger is the Now or never trigger. Now or never trigger is the weapon to get sales immediately.... So if you are serious about getting money ... you can't afford not to activate this trigger ... but false activation may cause you your credibility.... So How to activate the Now trigger and prevent the never trigger ?

6- The sixth trigger is the Craving trigger.... Imagine a 5 years old child with the cutest face and the no stop crying because mom refused to give her a piece of chocolate ..... And she will not stop unless she got the chocolate ...we want your customers have that craving and desire for your products ... we want them to do whatever it takes to put their hands on your products.... How? Simply activate the Craving Trigger. find how and see the examples inside the course.

7- The seventh trigger is the Edu-Joy trigger. Edu-Joy trigger is the king of all the psychological triggers especially on social media ...

8- The eighth trigger is the CONNECTIVITY Trigger ... People may follow you for a while and even buy from you once because you activated the other seven triggers ... BUT to truly make them follow you for decades and buy from you not once or twice but every time you have something for sale ... then you have to activate the connectivity trigger ... How and why ... let's dig the gold... ready? Enroll in the course NOW to find out.

If you are wondering why am I qualified to teach neuromarketing and behavioural psychology... Let me tell you a little about me (Some not so humble bragging)

My name is Heba which means a gift ...

Five years ago, dissecting real brains was my morning routine after coffee. ( No need for goosebumps ... It was Lab animals' Brains with me wearing white lab coat and surgical gloves).

Imagine holding that pink-grayish brain tissues in your hands ... wondering how this small sticky squashy organ controls your emotions and your decisions.

In my previous life ... I was a neuroscientist (I had a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in behavioral Neuro-Pharmacology). I had five Scientific medical publications, Published in 5 of the most respectful international medical journals.

Five years ago, with a full cup of Strong Coffee and a sink full of dishes, my entrepreneurial Journey started with my first website (which is not in English).

Where I helped Mothers (who are fighting like a ninja) to be more productive and happier with her children? I have 84000+ Mothers following my Page and 6000+ Moms subscribers to my blog as well as 2000+ moms enrolled in my courses. A novel or (course in a story) is my left-behind legacy in the field of Motherhood.

With a bigger cup of stronger coffee and more dishes in the sink Plus many business and marketing lessons from my first business. I started a second Entrepreneurial Adventure... it is the adventure of the neuro-psychology of business to gain the hearts and the brains of the customers...

Signup today, and start building YOUR online legacy...

May the Persuasion Force be with you.

Who this course is for:

beginner influencers
beginner marketers
beginner startups

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