Subnetting in IPv4

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able to use social media such as facebook, chat, email.

IPv4 subnetting

What is IPv4

IPv4 Classes

Default subnetting in IPv4

Customized subnetting in IPv4

What is networking in IT

What is broadcast in IPv4

What is multicast in IT

What is IPv4 reserved class

What is IANA

Basic computer skills

able to web browse or use Internet

Should be interested to know or have some basic knowledge or idea about DNS and DHCP

Should be interested to learn IT Networking or System Administration or IT Professional

No programming knowledge required.

Basic concepts of networking, system administration, working in IT environment is an advanced but not essential.

Subnetting is a must for Network Eeers, System Administrators, IT professionals and all those who are actively involved in computer IT industry in any part of the world.

This course will give you detailed information about IPv4 hierarchical division based on different classes - Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class E.

Although Class E is reserved and not in use, you will still get good information about it in this course.

Similarly, you will get much more information about Class D from this course.

This course teaches you about binary system required for subnetting.

You will master different values from 2 power 0 to 2 power 32 without much difficulty as these values are revised in each class.

You also learn how to convert binary into decimal and decimal into binary. This will help you to understand the number system used by humans and the number system used by computers.

There are many scenario-based examples with step-by-step explanation.

These scenario-based questions are of different types such as how many subnets to fine, how many hosts to find, what is the first valid host, what is the last valid host, what is the broadcast address, what is the network address, what are the range of valid ipv4 addresses. Practically, every aspect of subnetting is covered in this course.

There is a quiz at the end of each section that gives you confidence on what you learned.

IT Professionals, System Administrators, Network Eeers

Anybody interested to know how computer networking works

Interested to know how the message from your email or chat box or facebook etc reaches other end.


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