What is Multi Providers Why its Used in SAP-BI

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What is Multi Providers  Why its Used in SAP-BI
What is Multi Providers ? Why its Used in SAP-BI
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Step-By-Step creation of Multi Providers for beginners to Experts
A MultiProvider is known as an Info Provider that allows you to combine data from multiple Info Providers and makes it available for reporting purposes.
A MultiProvider doesn't contain any data for reporting and analysis comes from Info Providers directly on which the MultiProvider is based.
These Info Providers are connected with each other by a Union operation.
You can report and analyze the data based on multiple Info Providers.
MultiProvider Structure
A MultiProvider consists of the following different combinations of Info Provider types −
Info Object
Info Cube
Data Store Object
Virtual Provider
To combine the data, a Union operation is used in a MultiProvider. Here, the system constructs the union set of the data sets involved and all the values of these data sets are combined.
In an InfoSet you create the dataset using joins. These joins only combine values that appear in both tables. As compared to a Union, joins form the intersection of the tables.
Creating a MultiProvider
To create a MultiProvider using an InfoObject, each InfoObject that you want to transfer to the MultiProvider should be in an active state. If there is an InfoObject that doesn't exist, then you need to create it and activate the same.
You can also install a MultiProvider from SAP Business Content if you don't want to create a new MultiProvider.

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